Import New Cars to Nigeria

Import New Cars to Nigeria

July 16, 2022

Get royal service from FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE Dubai, and sit-back and relax as we import your brand-new dream vehicle to Nigeria. Several years of exporting new cars from Dubai, UAE, to ports all over the world has allowed us to build up the relationships and expertise to ensure a hassle-free, satisfying experience for all our customers. Browse our fleet of luxurious, brand new Japanese automobiles, fall in love, and place your order. That is all the work you need to do – let us handle the rest! From the moment of confirmation, we can begin any vehicle customizations, then ship to Nigeria with all necessary documentation – backed with a transient insurance policy – with added logistical support for a smooth buying experience and timely delivery. Along the way, your new car is thoroughly inspected and a check-list with photos are sent to you for added peace of mind. With over a decade of experience in new car exports, we are proven leaders in the industry, as dependable as the FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVEn weather. At FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai our motto is: ‘we believe in being reliable.’

Whether you are looking for luxury, utility, or something budget-friendly, FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai offers many Toyota models and is the best choice for importing new cars to Nigeria. Check out our showcase of SUVs, Hybrids, Land Cruisers, FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE Exclusives and all the types of new cars we export from UAE in more detail below.


Luxurious passenger transport with all terrain travel, FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  has in stock the full line of brand new, next generation Land Cruiser300 Series from Toyota. Redesigned to accommodate today’s consumer with modern technology and style, these are the most exciting new cars on the market and we are the most trusted UAE exporters of new Toyota vehicles. Take a look at some of the new lineup, get excited, and let us import your new dream car to you safely and securely in Nigeria.


The new generation of Land Cruiser has done away with diesel-guzzling V8 engines, but this v6 twin turbo has greater low-end power and is much more efficient. It is rated at 409 HP at crank and an upgraded suspension system to give you the strength and dream-like glide over bumpy terrain that made the past version so iconic. https://www.FRIENDS


With over 70 years of accumulated technology, the new generation of Land Cruiser has adapted to fulfill the needs of the global consumer. The GA-F platform has cut out 200-kilograms of weight while giving back 20% more rigidity to the frame for an enhanced riding experience. The 300 series is exclusive enough that it’s not being marketed in North America, (sadly for them), but FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai is proud to serve all of our customers all over the world with our inventory of car exports from UAE. Let us handle your new car import to Nigeria today by ordering the GR-SPORT, and experience 70 years of innovation combined with cutting-edge technology and luxury with exclusive GR features. https://www.FRIENDS


The VX-V balances off-road capability with everyday functionality. The redesigned Land Cruiser 300 series has a more efficient engine than the previous 200 line but still gives a lot of the same power and all of the luxuries. The VX-V is sure to be a popular order in new car exports. https://www.FRIENDS


FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai also has other beautiful new 2022 Toyota vehicles models for export from UAE. Lexus LX, Land Cruiser 200 Series, Fortuner and more are all available to be imported to Nigeria. Feel free to browse our SUV catalogue and live chat with a representative for support at 


Some of the coolest, toughest pickup trucks on the planet are made by Toyota, and we have a stellar inventory of these new automobiles that can be imported to Nigeria. New LC79 single and double cabs are a truck lover’s dream come true, offering the stability and power famous to the Land Cruiser with the rugged utility needed to finish a hard day’s work. https://www.FRIENDS


The Toyota Hilux 4×4 is tough as nails and has proven it in some of the world’s toughest races. Built to handle extreme tasks while providing superb comfort, the Hilux Double Cab or Hilux Adventure already comes with plenty of great amenities, but we are happy to do further customization to meet your needs before exporting one of these new vehicles to you from UAE. Gaze in awe at their terrifying beauty here: 


At FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai we get all types of different customers looking to have new cars imported to them. Many are car enthusiasts in search of their exclusive dream vehicle, and some are more family oriented in search of a high-end machine to transport their loved ones in. All of them choose FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  because of our renowned skill and service in exporting and importing new cars from UAE to their home ports, and, eventually, to their homes. If you have a family, or just a love for this niche of vehicle, we have a fantastic selection of new, Land Cruiser Hardtop wagons that can be imported to Nigeria fast and worry-free.



Two things are essential for an enjoyable cross-country trip with friends and family in-tow, and that’s comfort and safety. FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE ’ stock of Vans and Busses goes beyond the essentials, with new cars for import to Nigeria that have some of the highest safety ratings in the industry, and built-in comfort that you can only expect from the most prestigious of luxury auto makers.

Hiace Bus

Power, trust, and economy. The iconic Japanese passenger bus has continued its legacy into 2022. https://www.FRIENDS

Coaster Bus

A new meaning to ‘safety in numbers’ the new 2022 Toyota Coaster Bus is a single-decker that seats 22 and has plenty of versatility as well as go-power. The extra high roof and ample leg room makes for a pleasant road-trip, and features such as automatic gliding door with buzzer, power lock doors and window curtains provides the ultimate in deluxe travel. 

Lexus LM 300

Experience the new age of fine traveling with the Lexus LM 300. Designed for busy executives, the LM is the modern day luxury horse-and-carriage, with the space and comfort for relaxation and work. 


This category of new cars available for import to Nigeria is a mix of nondescript with lavish when it comes to exterior design, but all three options come equipped with interior amenities and under the hood merits to please any tastes.


If car sales throughout the world are any indication, the 2020 Toyota Camry SE 2.5L Petrol Automatic may be the king of sedans. We await your command to import a new Toyota Camry car to you in Nigeria, if your highness so desires it!


The Toyota Supra GR Premium has all the looks and the agility of a high-performance sports car, with all the lavish interior and technology of a luxury sedan. 


Looking for a powertrain that delivers with a gas tank that holds back? The 2021 Toyota Yaris Sedan has a modern look, exceptional driving capability, and efficiency to make it the perfect every-day vehicle. 

Hybrid Cars

Toyota has been in the forefront of creating efficient, performance vehicles for decades, so choosing a Toyota when shopping for a hybrid car is a no-brainer. FRIENDS AUTOMOTIVE  Dubai also carries new hybrid Toyota model cars to export from UAE, and can import safely into Nigeria. 

TOYOTA COROLLA CROSS HYBRID [HEV] V 1.8L PETROL AT The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system determines how much gas and how much electricity is most efficient in any given driving situation. The electricity generated charges the car at the same time, so no need to ever be in search of an external power source. Another new hybrid car available to be imported to Nigeria from UAE is the 2021 TOYOTA COROLLA HYBRID GLI 1.8L AT 

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