Import New Cars to Bolivia

Import New Cars to Bolivia

July 7, 2022

Luxury, innovation, reliability. Friends Automotive  Dubai embodies these principles in its service as a leader in new car exports from the UAE, as well as with its products of Toyota vehicles. Import your new cars to Bolivia with a company that has a decade of experience in new car exports around the world, and has built the trust of thousands of clients for the easiest, safest, most dependable vehicle import solutions.

Our business management system is internationally recognized for upholding industry standards, and we are accredited by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai, for an outstanding reputation in service with the Global Trusted E-Network Member Certificate. We’re proud of our awards from industry and business peers, but we’re most proud of so many satisfied clients who choose us to serve them again and again. We believe that you, too, will be impressed with our dedication and inventory of new Toyota and Japanese vehicles. Take a look at some of them below!

Sport Utility Vehicles

Friends Automotive  Dubai has a large supply of sport utility vehicles. SUVs are remarkably versatile on and off-road, and these are among the most luxurious, innovative, and reliable on the market today. From the stunning new Land Cruiser 300 series to the popular Rav4, Fortuner, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, and many more, we have an SUV for any taste or budget. Here is a sample of a few that we offer:

Today’s innovations in technology and luxury are built from 70-years of excellence to bring the 2022 VXR-Z. The redesigned frame has been built with 200-kilograms less weight and 20% more rigidity.

This stylish GR-Sport Launch Edition has some amazing tech, including an info and entertainment system you and your passengers will love.

Different types of terrain bring different challenges, but the Multi-Terrain System inside the VX-V will handle each with the utmost proficiency at the push of a button.

The VX-S includes Toyota’s Safety Sense package with dynamic radar cruise control, active traction control, and a pre-collision system. Think of it as not just buying a luxurious and stylish SUV, but an investment in your family’s protection. 

The lighter and more rigid frame of the V8 diesel LC GX R Xtreme provides you with better handling and control, which means improved safety and performance.

Pickup Truck

Take your work or play to the next level with one of our high-performance pickups. These trucks are surprisingly efficient for being so tough – a testament to Japanese engineering. They also have some luxurious amenities to make a hard day’s work a little more enjoyable. Take a look at a few of them and don’t hesitate to put in your order so we can import your new cars to Bolivia today! The LC 79 SC V8 Diesel pickup has enough power to haul some massive loads, and a style that will set you apart. 

With a two-tone paint job and a body design that beautifully pays homage to older truck designs, the LC 79 LX-V is in a league all its own as far as style. The inside is stunning, too, with a wood grain package and an efficient V6 engine as well as a 130-liter capacity tank. 

You won’t get stuck on the most unstable of terrain with the 6×6 LC 79 Dual Cab Pickup. This V8 4.5L engine has as much power as a locomotive, but you’ll barely notice it’s even working as you relax inside its spacious, wood grain interior.

The muscular 2021 Hilux DC Adventure has a bold style that is backed up by a powerful engine. A couple of features that will stand out are its 18-inch alloy wheels and the interior with a large dash-mounted screen for all your infotainment needs.

Mitsubishi fans rejoice! We also have available the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Sportero GLS Premium Pickup. The Sportero has made a name for itself everywhere from construction sites to racetracks, and the legend continues with better features like a sound dampening interior for a peaceful ride.


Our Land Cruiser wagons are amazing luxury and off-road performance vehicles. Since they first debuted in 1967, the Land Cruiser Wagon has been wildly popular for its body design and cargo-carrying efficiency. The all-new models carry on that legacy with innovations to the technology and style that made them so great. Here is a sampling of the many new Land Cruiser wagons we have available from Friends Automotive  Dubai’s new car exports from the UAE.

The LX Limited 70th Anniversary Edition has a unique paint job and many features to make it a prime tool for backcountry adventures, like a top-rack for extra storage, an electrical winch, differential lock, and navigation system.

This LC 76 LX V8 4.5L Turbo-Diesel will turn heads with its unique paint job and white rims.was well thought out. It will also make you proud with its many useful features, like an added top-rack for storage and snorkel added to the fuel combustion system that prohibits the motor from flooding when fording flooded terrain.

A masculine body style with a retro graphic paint job comes equipped on the LX V8. The 130-liter fuel capacity tank along with a snorkel added to the fuel combustion system will give you a lot of range for your off-road outings.

You’ll get an astounding amount of storage options with the LC 78 Hardtop Special. With extended seating and an added top-rack, you’ll be able to carry everything you need and have some amazing off-road capability in this V8 4.5L manual transmission. 

Go anywhere and come back safely in this Land Cruiser 78 Long Wheelbase. There is enough room for everybody and everything to come along, too, as you barrel across distant frontiers thanks to its V8 4.5L engine and snorkel added to the fuel combustion system.


Don’t accept anything less than the best, but put your passengers in the best vans and busses for safety, comfort, and efficiency with one of these Toyota transport vehicles. Your family and friends (or clients) will be thrilled on the next road trip when they enter these spacious and deluxe commercial vans and busses! With all kinds of amenities and innovations in efficiency, these are sure to be the new icons in automobile travel. Take a look at our options and remember that our guiding principle is reliability as we import your new cars to Bolivia.

The 2022 Toyota Hiace has 13 seats in a spacious interior that includes a high roof for extra comfort. The a/c and heat blow in the back as well as the front to ensure everyone is happy. There is also a reverse camera that displays in the rearview mirror to make backing up so easy and safe. 

The Hiace GL is a 13-seater with an extra-high roof so that no passengers ever feel cramped on long-distance drives. The 2.8L diesel engine has ample power, and the rear door opens extra wide for easy access and accommodation. 

Get the most out of the power and control of the Toyota Hiace GL Diesel with its manual transmission. With 13 seats and a high roof, your passengers will have plenty of room on their journey. Other features include power door locks, keyless entry, and a rearview with reverse camera imaging.

The iconic Toyota Coaster Bus enters its fourth generation with the 2020 Toyota Coaster High Roof S SPL. Its amazing style isn’t the only thing to be excited about, as it also features many reassuring safety features, like front airbags, vehicle stability control, roll-over protection, and force limiters in case of a collision. 

Get professional-grade features with commercial versatility from the 2020 Toyota Coaster S.SPL. Its extra-high roof and 22 seats provide great interior space, and the strong 4.2L diesel engine will easily transport them through traffic or open roads alike.

If you’re a busy executive, you appreciate being able to work while on the move. The 2021 Lexus LM300H has a beautiful interior that promotes relaxation or comfort while looking over paperwork and computer files in a two-toned interior. 

The Lexus LM300H Executive 7-seater is designed with maximum space for professionals to relax or work while on the go. It’s remarkably road-capable with a 4-cylinder engine rated at 197 horsepower.


Friends Automotive  Dubai can also accommodate drivers interested in buying a sedan or hatchback. We have something for sportscar enthusiasts as well as budget-conscious customers to ride around town in style! 

Experience the high-performance capability of the Toyota Supra GR Premium 3.0L Petrol AT! You’ll hear the power of its six-cylinder turbocharged engine the moment it’s fired up, and quickly be impressed with its remarkable agility and handling. The fifth-generation Supra is an exciting automobile and the best in its class for the money. 

Save money on fuel with the efficient 2021 Toyota Yaris. This commuter sedan has a 1.5L four-cylinder engine with 106 horsepower and 103 pounds per foot of torque. The 2022 Camry SE has a 2.5L 4-cylinder 8-speed automatic transmission with interior amenities that include a 4.2-inch TFT Multi-Information Display. 

Hybrid Cars

Toyota has become synonymous with hybrid cars because of its many innovations in that industry. They are leaders in making vehicles that have high-performance and luxurious amenities while being eco-friendly. Here are some of the new hybrid cars we have available for import to Bolivia.

The 2021 Corolla Cross has a stylish update to its exterior design, as well as an upgrade to the interior, like an infotainment screen that integrates to the Apple CarPlay system. 

The 2021 GLI can seat five people comfortably inside its beautiful interior. It is very capable with its 1.8L 4 Hybrid engine rated at 121 horsepower. 

Reliable Service in New Car Exports From The UAE

Friends Automotive  Dubai allows you a remarkably easy and stress-free buying experience. We import new cars with a transit insurance policy, as well as have trained agents inspect your vehicle and send you photos with a checklist to ensure your total satisfaction up until delivery. Our decade of experience has built the relationships necessary for a smooth process and reduced costs to you for your new car exports. View our industry awards and accreditation as well as our full inventory of new cars we import to Bolivia here!

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